SPC flooring is predominantly made of calcium powder as crude material. In the wake of plasticizing and expelling the sheet, it is made out of SPC polymer substrate layer, PUR precious stone shield straightforward layer, wear-safe layer, shading film beautification layer, and delicate and quiet bounce back layer. Favorable circumstances of SPC flooring: Natural insurance and no formaldehyde. SPC flooring doesn't utilize stick in the creation procedure, so it doesn't contain unsafe substances, for example, formaldehyde and benzene. The genuine 0-formaldehyde green floor won't cause damage to the human body; Waterproof and dampness confirmation, SPC s複合材料 flooringing has the benefits of waterproof, dampness verification, mold evidence, and so on., which explains the inadequacies of conventional wooden flooring that fears water and dampness.

このように、SPCのフロアリングは、トイレ、キッチン、ギャラリーで導入されることができます;スリップする敵対的な、SPCフローリングは、スリップ実行の偉大な敵を持って、もはや水に提示されたときにトリッキーで落ちて床にストレスをかける必要はありません。厚さは1.6 mm〜9 mmであり、平方メートルあたりの重量は2 - 7.5 kgであり、通常の木製床の重量の10 %です。

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